Friday, June 12, 2009

White Salmon Riverfest & Symposium wrap-up!

WOW! What a perfect day . . .

The WS Riverfest & Symposium just keeps getting better and better each year. I think that is in part, due to the creativity, passion and dedication of the organizers involved, and the support from many business and organizations across the country.

The morning session was all about education - learning about the White Salmon River - its' history, current events and the future of the watershed. About 50 attendees for the morning session, ranging from raft guides, to kayakers (the youngest around 11 years old), community members and dogs. Again, a big thanks to all the presenters who made the morning informative and entertaining:
Chip Carroll - Headwater's Institute
Thomas O'Keefe - Condit Dam update
Rod Engle - The Return of Salmon
Bill Weiler - Climate and Wild Life found along the WS river
Jeannette Burkhardt - History of the WS River
Sue Baker - Plants along the WS watershed
and . . . Cork & Bottle for supplying the symposium attendees with a great lunch!

The afternoon consisted of some fun competition on the White Salmon - rafting and kayaking races. We had 3 teams compete in the rafting race - 2 teams from the Oregon Rafting Team and a Wet Planet Team.

Stage one was intended to be a head to head race on the Middle White Salmon, but we changed it to a timed course the morning of the race to due the high water (4.5 feet!) and a few poorly placed trees. The course went from the bottom of Maytag Rapid to the river right take out just above Husum Falls. The results:
First Place: Oregon Rafting Team (Red) 29:05
Second Place: Oregon Rafting Team (Grey) 30:31
Third Place: Wet Planet Whitewater 30:39
We decided to move the inflatable kayak race to the Lower White Salmon due to higher water. We started the inflatable kayak race just above Rattlesnake Rapid and ended it at the boat ramp at Northwestern Lake. This was a head to head race and the participants had to flip their kayaks and get back in them before finishing. The results
First Place: Val Shaull
Second Place: Jim Wells

We also did a "fun race" on the Lower White Salmon for rafts that followed the same course as the inflatable kayaks. Wet Planet took an early lead at the beginning and the rac e was competitive most of the way.

At the finish, the rafts had to flip their boats, get everyone on top of the upside down boat, and then flip it back over. This was a great ending to the fun race especially since the Wet Planet team was about a minute behind as they approached the finish, and nearly took second place due to their well honed boat flipping skills. It was fun to watch to say the least. The final results were the same as the timed race:
First Place: Oregon Rafting Team (Red)
Second Place: Oregon Rafting Team (Grey)
Third Place: Wet Planet Whitewater

Sorry, no photos for the kayaking event, but we have results:
Extreme Race on Truss (in teams of 3)
First Place: Tao Berman, Todd Wells, Brendan Wells

Orletta sprint race:
1st: Tao Berman
2nd: Tye
3rd: Todd Wells

After a fun-filled day, whether you hung out cheering for your favorite competitor or competed yourself, the big Next Adventure watershed social was next. The venue this year, thanks to Dan Ingerson, was located at the Trailhead B & B in Trout Lake, WA. It was about a 15 minute drive from BZ Corners, but totally worth it and plenty of camping. A big thank you goes out to Next Adventure for donating the food for the evening . . . it was sooooo good! And, another thank you to the Kayak Shed and Jackson Kayak for donating the biggest raffle item of the night - a Jackson boat of choice. . . that was a popular item for sure! And thanks to "The Quick and Easy Boys" from Portland for coming out and entertaining us into the wee hours of the night - everyone LOVED them!

See you next year for the 5th Annual White Salmon Riverfest & Symposium!!!!

***To check out more photos from the event (and you will, 'cuz this event was awesome), join the White Salmon Riverfest & Symposium on facebook and become a fan!

Heather Herbeck

Friday, May 29, 2009

Last minute updates . . . .

Hot, hot, hot . . . that's what the forecast says for Saturday, May 30th! The White Salmon Riverfest & Symposium is happening TOMORROW and it's going to be awesome!

I just wanted to throw out some additional information . . .
First of all, a HUGE thanks for ALL of our sponsors! This year is going to be "over the top" in raffle items. Just to give you an idea: Streetwear from Level Six, drytops (yes, that's plural) from NRS, Kokatat drytop, AT paddle, changing robes made by Jana Krause, IR gear, gift certificates to local restuarants . . . and, a "boat of choice" donated by the Kayak Shed and Jackson Kayak! Plus, tons more stuff! You have a much better chance of winning some of these great items if you spend the entire day with us . . . hint, hint!

I also want to send out a thank you to some of our top supporters - Wet Planet Whitewater, who has supported this event since its' beginning in 2006 and Next Adventure in Portland! Can you guess how Next Adventure is helping???? Of course, the Party portion of the event. Next Adventure is all about fun and good times with fellow river lovers . . . so, come on out for the entire day and take advantage of great water levels, hot weather, education, races and PARTY!

See you tomorrow,
Heather Herbeck

For detailed information, scroll down this blog . . .

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Volunteers needed!

If you are interested in volunteering some time for this worthwhile event, please contact Hootie Boucher at, he will be able to assign you a task!

Hope to see you there.

Heather Herbeck

Only a few days away . . . May 30th!

Here is an update from our head organizer, Hootie Boucher . . . read on for details!

You are just days away from a great event....

The 4th Annual White Salmon RiverFest & Symposium on May 30th!!!!!!

Brought to you through the efforts of Wet Planet Whitewater and the Headwaters Institute, along with all our other donors and sponsors that make this event possible.

starts at 9am at the Husum Fire Station, River Races in the afternoon, and the "Watershed Social", sponsored by Next Adventure, in the evening at the Trailhead B+B in Troutlake, starting at 7pm. Race results will be in the evening.
Musical guests: The Quick and Easy Boys!

Symposium $7, Symposium + Watershed Social $15, Watershed Social entry $10, Beverage Wristband $5, Camping

Food will be available from 7pm to 9:30pm, BBQ style, thanks in a large part to Next Adventure! This is free for you until either 9:30pm or the food runs out, which ever one comes first.

Amazing Beer will be provided through Double Mountain!!!! A $5 charge for a wristband upon ID check will get you access to these tasty beverages all night long. Bring your ID's, we will be checking!

We are definitely encouraging people to camp out this evening, especially if you are partaking in the tasty beverages
Only $5 per person for anyone who wants to wake up with a stunning view of Mt Adams, the source of the White Salmon River!

And remember you don't want to miss out on our Symposium, not only will you get a great education on the White Salmon Watershed from our line up of presenters, you will also be able to win some cool Raffle items and Schwag ranging from gift certificates to dry tops and everything in between!!!

And it is rumored that, thanks to Jackson Kayaks and the The Kayak Shed, a kayak will also be up for grabs during the evening festivities.

This is shaping up to be a great day! Don't miss out!

Feel free to stop by Wet Planet in the next few days and pre-pay and pre-register for this great event.

Please take note of our list of awesome sponsors that include Wet Planet, our main sponsor, who has also helped organized this event for the past four years, in addition to American Whitewater, AT Paddles, Beneventi's Pizza, Blue Marble Creative, Cork & Bottle, Double Mountain, Fire On The Mountain, Gifford Pinchot Task Force, Girls4Sports, The Headwaters Institute, Immersion Research, Kayak Shed, Kokatat, Level 6, Liquid Kayak, Next Adventures, NRS, OutdoorPlay, Promotion, River Network, Solstice Restaurant, Sundance River Center, Strawberry Mountain Spa, Trailhead BnB, US Forest Service, White Salmon Watershed Management Organization, White Water Cafe, 10 Speed Coffee & many more in the pipeline!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

-Hootie Boucher
White Salmon RiverFest & Symposium Organizer
Wet Planet Whitewater River Guide
River Lover

Monday, May 18, 2009

Appreciate the White Salmon with other river lovers on May 30th!

Updated information about the White Salmon Riverfest & Symposium taking place on Saturday, May 30th in Husum, WA.

Educational Symposium starting at 9:00 a.m. (registration begins at 8:00 a.m. with coffee and bagels) and concludes around 12:00 p.m.
Where: Husum Fire Station in Husum, WA
About: This is a 1/2 day program with great presentations, raffles and tasty food by Cork & Bottle. Topics include: The Condit Dam update, The Return of Salmon, Global Warming and Plants, Animals, People and Geology of the White Salmon River.

Inflatable (raft, cataraft and IK) craft races on the Middle and Lower White Salmon River (pre-register and race information at www.sundanceriver/white salmon/ or see blog posting below)

Extreme Kayak Race on Truss & Kayak sprint on the Orletta stretch of the White Salmon. Water levels pending. Please register at the symposium between 1-3 p.m. (Husum Fire Station)

Watershed Social starting at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Trailhead B & B in Trout Lake, WA
About: Kick back with your friends and meet new river lovers. Enjoy the musical guests, "The Quick and Easy Boys". Food and Beverage available.

$15.00 for Symposium and watershed social
$7.00 for Symposium only (lunch included)
$10.00 for Watershed Social only
$5.00 per person for camping at the Trailhead B & B

***We encourage pre-registration for the Symposium due to number count for lunch. You can pre-register at Wet Planet Whitewater - 1-800-306-1673.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The White Salmon Riverfest & Symposium is made possible because . . .

The White Salmon Riverfest & Symposium is an event organized with education and enjoyment in mind. Because this is a non-profit event, the support we get from businesses, organizations and the community - boaters and non-boaters - is essential for its' success and longevity.
We feel very lucky with the support we have received over the last 4 years, from local businesses and organizations all the way to companies in the East Coast and up into Canada.
Thank you to the following, for your support in 2009!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Evening "Boater's Party"

The fun continues well into the evening, night and the following morning . . .

The White Salmon Riverfest & Symposium and the rafting & kayaking races all join forces for an evening of networking, food, awards, music, camping and more.

Details (subject to change)
Party at Trailhead B+B, Troutlake, WA
$15 (if you have not already paid the $15 for the Riverfest & Symposium) - includes evening food, music and following morning breakfast
7:00 pm start of festivities WS watershed theme Raffle, race results, etc.
Food, Music and Beverages
8:00 pm awards and acknowledgements
9:00 pm Band plays first set - "The Quick and Easy Boys" from Portland, OR
10:00pm Grand finale Raffle
10:00 pm and beyond Band plays on

**Camping available for $5.00/person and is highly recommended!

Any questions, please contact Dan Ingerson at:

Hootie Boucher - (lead coordinator)
Dan Ingerson - (kayak race/party planner)
Zach Collier - (raft race planner)
Heather Herbeck - (social/promotional organizer)
Jaco Klinkenberg - (assistant coordinator/financial planner)